Washer Tips

No matter the brand, clothes washers need some TLC as well. Front Loading styles especially need more frequent attention to avoid mechanical problems and avoid clothes not cleaning properly or becoming fausty.

Keep your washer level to avoid draining issues and avoid damaging any components with excessive vibrations. Washing machine should be positioned as low to the floor as possible. Banging and thumping are not sounds for a healthy washing machine!
Don't overload the washer, which can easily cause damage to springs and the drive system. Overloading your washer can quickly cause damage to the motor, trasmission, shocks, springs or bearings.
Inspect the washer fill hoses seasonally to spot any defects in the hoses and prevent a serious leak or flood
Use the proper type and amount of detergent! For high efficiency washing machines, make sure to use "HE" detergent to prevent over sudsing and poor washing. Over filling with detergent can cause draining and performance issues.
Clean the inside at least monthly to kill any bacteria buildup and prevent a smelly washer! Front load washers need to be cleaned regularly in and around the door seal, under the soap dispensing drawer, and underneath the door to prevent smells and leaks.

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