The Seed Company by E.W Gaze

Gaze Seed Co. was founded in 1925 by Ernest Walter Gaze and was the first store of its kind in Newfoundland.

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Local Solutions

A partnership between both of our local companies only makes sense for the betterment of our community as a whole given the care of services we provide.
Local Solutions is a natural fit to continue this tradition of service based on our attention to detail and customer service priorities. Safety and fire prevention are taken very seriously, and where we can help the most. This is your home and your installation, we will always honor this and appreciate the opportunity to make it safer!

The Seed Company Visit The Seed Companies website for contact info, tips, and catalogue!

Indoor Growing & Venting

Whether you are planning on growing vegetables, plants, or cannabis, the need for proper ventilation, reliable electrical power, and safety is a real but manageable concern. We can install necessary exhaust venting for indoor grow tents in your home. The importance of this being done properly is to avoid costly fire, mold damage, and health risk factors. We can get your electrical power and venting to where you want to install your new all in one grow tent safely in your home on the Avalon Peninsula! We can also offer further automation products to simplify your life and growing experience in todays busy lifestyle!

If purchasing your indoor grow tent directly through Local Solutions we can offer you a FREE standard venting installation service!!

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Local Solutions
Servicing available on the Avalon Peninsula.
No travel fees for the St.John's, Paradise, Mt.Pearl, Torbay, CBS, or Portugal Cove-St.Phillips area.
(709) 800-1228
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Appliance Repair

Check out our residential repair solutions for your broken appliances. We fix washers, dryers, stoves, ranges, microwaves, fridges, vacuums, and much more small appliances.


We offer a wide range of electrical services. Installation, maintenance, repair, and upgrading.

Smart Home

Check out how we can make your life easier and save you money every month.
Let us show you how to take control of your smart home in ways you never thought possible.


Easily take control of your home heating needs hassle free. Beautiful sleek style and comfort in the palm of your hand!

Seed Company

Come see our exciting partnership with The Seed Company by E.W Gaze for new installations, grow tents, venting and more!.

Fire Prevention

Don't hesitate to check out our fire safety offers for you and your loved ones protection!