Range Tips

In most of our homes, ranges, stoves and ovens are used daily. Due to the hard work demand and nature of these appliances, maintenance and safety procedures are absolutely essential for proper, safe, and long term operation of your range to any avoid costly repairs.

Clean the exterior of your range or oven to prevent any grease buildup on the appliance which can impact performance.

Clean Control Panel using a light duty cleaner and a rag to remove buildup but not risk scratching the keypad display with an abrasive sponge. Be careful to not soak the area of your keypad which could damage the electronics inside.
Clean Oven Interior at least once per season. Splatters can happen to anyone, make sure to wipe them up to prevent smoke damage or fire. Most manufacturers don't recommend using detergent/soap use inside of an oven for both self-cleaning and non-self-cleaning ovens. Local Solutions sells a non-caustic degreaser to remove tough buildup.
Self-clean or SELF DESCTRUCT mode? Self cleaning ranges and ovens sound like the perfect idea but can be harmful to your appliance is left on to long, parts are defective, or there is exsessive buildup of grease. Use with caution and avoid when possible!

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