Microwave Tips

Microwave care is often overlooked but can lead to costly repairs. Maintaining your microwave doesn't have to be difficult. Over the range microwaves especially need extra attention where most people rely on the exhaust fan when cooking.

Clean the interior to avoid grease from entering the microwaves electronics. Ask about our multi-use non-caustic powerful degreaser! Anything being heated that contains fats should especially should be covered inside the microwave at all times. Splatter guards can be very useful for this.
Close the door carefully to avoid any damage to the latch. Slamming a microwave door can easily damage the latching mechanism and prevent the microwave from operating.
Always only use "microwave safe" dishes when reheating food. Avoid "super-heating" water and liquids. Do not heat with foil, gold or silver plating.
Never attempt to repair a live microwave yourself due to the extremely high voltage potential that can be stored even when unplugged!!

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