Fridge Tips

Refrigerators are the hardest working appliance in your home, however they require little, but important cleaning care. With proper maintenance of your fridge you will cut down energy usage and dramactically increase the lifespan of your fridge before needing service.

Clean the door seal gasket with soft solutions to cut down on any grime. Apply a thin layer of glycerine to the gasket to prevent tearing.
Clean off the condenser coils at least twice per year to keep your fridge running at the optimal temp and avoid costly damge to your compressor!
Replace the ice maker or water dispenser water filter as per the manufacturers recommendation to avoid damage to water valves and clogged water lines to avoid dispensing issues.
Clean the interior to keep the fresh food section smelling fresh and avoid clogging the fridge drain line! Ask about our mulit-use non-caustic powerful cleaner!
Your refrigerator's thermostat should be set to two degrees Celsius and your freezer's thermostat to -18 degrees Celsius or to the recommended temps written on fridge or in user manual.

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