Dryer Tips

Your home's dryer is often overlooked for maintenance until its too late. Dryers have many moving parts (drum rollers, idler pulleys, belts, bearings, etc) and keeping them moving smoothly is essential to your clothes dryers performance. Keep your clothes smelling fresh and home safe with proper care for your appliance!

CLEAN LINT FILTER EVERYTIME!! This cannot be stressed enough, make sure before every load that you clear all lint from the trap!. Lint will quickly buildup inside and cause friction damage to moving parts and create a serious fire hazard!
Clean the duct line as often as you can. As lint builds up, drying times are increased which costs you more money. Lint buildup in the transition duct line is a major fire risk as well. Have it serviced professionally every year if needed.
REPLACE WHITE VIYNL DUCTING immediately and forever. These pose great fire risks to you and your home. These ducts are simply not adequate and create fire hazards.
Check the exhaust cap outside of your home. Wind and water can create a lint backup at the exhaust point. Remove any obstructions blocking the duct exhaust for a better and safer preforming dryer!
Clean the dryer interior with a brush and vacuum. This can be done professionally or by the homeowner and should be done yearly.

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