Dishwasher Tips

Dishwasher care and maintenance is vital to preventing any backup situations and dirty deposits left on your dishes. Keep your dishes sparkling!

Clean the filter as often as needed. Preventing food particles from reaching the pump is vital to keeping your dishwasher running it's best. Make sure to scrape and pre-wash your dishes every time. Items such as toothpicks, napkins, & seeds wreak havoc on your dishwashers pump!
Don't overload the dishwasher to prevent proper water flow from cleaning your dishes. The spray arms should move freely to allow proper cleaning of your dirty dishes.
Clean and wipe the door seal to prevent debris building up and causing a leak.
Deodorize the dishwasher monthly to prevent unsightly smells and optimize the cleaning ability of dishwasher. Using vinegar with baking soda or a store bought cleaner and running on a empty cycle can greatly improve your dishwashers performance!

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